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I am Ahmed Kamal, had been working as freelancer from last 2 years around the web. I love to work with all internet based systems but I am at my peak performance when creating websites for my client. I have a very strong work ethic and love to see my clients extremely happy with the work that I have done for them. I know that you will be overly satisfied with my web creations.

More About Me

I've been involved in many business ventures and after failing in couple of them, I found my luck in Fiverr and Odesk.I'm a wanna-be for life, mostly busy in learning as much skills as possible.I am mostly busy in exploring digital marketing or making beautiful Wordpress websites. If I'm not infront of my computer, I may be helping other businesses to stand out on Internet.

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Graphics Designing

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PHP & Bootstrap
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How to be a Gold Medalist

Hey everyone! Today I going to describe you ” How to be a GOLD MEDALIST ” !  Gold Medal is the highest achievement reward in a non- military  field. In our society we belief that Gold Medalist is the person who leaves his fun, enjoyment and each and every extra curricular activities! But the fact is that it’s our totally wrong beliefs. – According to me a Gold Medalist is the person who made and maintains it’s Time Table and Daily Schedule of all work, study & extra curricular activities he/she performs daily. He / She perform all his tasks with full concentration. & Secondly after making the time table or daily schedule the next thing which is most important is to work – ” Don’t be a HARD WORKER be a SMART WORKER “. Divide all your task to certain small modules – This will help you to be efficient in your work. & Third be attentive in your class respect your elders they will give you the tricks they used!
- Work on my tricks one day you will achieve your GOALS !!

Idea of Developing my Portfolio Website

Now I am going to share my First Blog! – That is no other than about NEST COLLEGE. I attended Nest College Skill development Program which is conducted by Sir Kamran Shafi and Sir Mohsin ! There they teach us how to do self branding, how to be a best freelancer and a plenty of tips and tricks, Share their experience of to be a freelancer! I appreciate the way they teaches us! I personal opinion about Nest is that its a only institute that teaches real IT skills Professionally. If you got the chance to Join this college do join it, I am sure you will have the great experience to study over their!
Thanks – Nest College & Specially Sir Kamran and Sir Mohsin


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

Email: Me@AhmedKamal.info
Phone: (0092) 3124120401

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